Dream Team

The team behind dreamOway


Justine Sinclair

dreamOway Founder & CEO

My name is Justine, and my dream is to make our world a better place: a place without bullying, threats or cyberattacks. I used to laugh when I would hear a beauty pageant contestant say, “world peace,” when they were asked about their dreams. But now, I understand. Our world NEEDS peace. It needs to become a safer, more honest, a more encouraging and stimulating place for all.

Our society teaches us to criticize looks, clothing size, what type of car you drive, how much money you have, how much plastic surgery or injections you can afford, and the list is never ending. Our society teaches us to bully each other, and we are beginning to see the effect.

I am a single mom with a 16-year-old daughter. When I look at her generation, I can see how much our societal pressures and norms have altered their lifestyles. They are fearful, intimidated and suffering.

The amounts of children and teens being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, attempting and committing suicide that’s on the rise these difficult days. Social media has allowed the bullying to creep into our homes, alter our children. The messages from the media and social media, as well as the use of social media, must change.

I want to help my daughter to fight back against a despairing life, and become a strong, confident woman. But right now, I can’t. Not until I do something to first alter the outside world, so that her generation has better tools and a better chance to navigate and understand the world around them.

So, I jumped in. I created a unique way to support Generation Z: a social media entertainment management company: dreamOway. Why social media? Because that is how we communicate with each other, that is our present-day reality.

dreamOway is an authentic way to build a community for dreamers: our younger generation. Those dreamers that need cheer, support, and a challenge to confront and mentors to assist.

dreamOway is two-fold: it’s a Televised Talent Show and an app to show off your talents!
How does it work? Simple!

Download the “dreamOway” app, post your dream in a video, and share it with your friends and family! dreamOway will monitor the amount of “hearts” you get, based on your dreams or talents. Those videos will be reviewed, and those with the most “hearts” will be invited to compete in our show on national television.

Our dreamOway team is comprised of many mentors to cheer on and guide dreamers through their journey to success. We will listen to their ideas, give advice and support.

My mission is to build a community in which members support and respect one another: see something great and promising in every person. And build upon a foundation of RESPECT.

dreamOway is always looking for mentors to join our team! If you are interested in, please contact me at dream@dreamoway.com.

Live your dream! With all my love, Justine.

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Justine Sinclair Founder/CEO
dreamOway INC



Bryan Kestner

Executive producer, DreamOway TV ( coming soon 2023)

Bryan Kestner is an influential entrepreneur creating Planet Hollywood in his early 20s whilst working as an actor, before crossing over into producing television. He is the original creator and executive producer of Southern Charm. Bryan has a twin brother, Boyd Kestner, who is an actor, and has starred in over thirty movies and three television series.

Known For:

The Running ManMed Tech(1987)

The Monster Squad Rookie Cop(1987)

Southern Charm Writer(2014-2022)

Untitled Globetrotters vs Lakers Project Producer

Christian Everhard

Producer & Director


Tom Did Good,

Elysian Field,

Taken at Birth,

Million Dollar Matchmaker

OJ: Guilty in Vegas

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

Million Dollars Summer Challenge

Known for:

Blueprint Producer (2017)

Circle of Teeth Producer (2017)

Ripple Director (2015)

Robot Combat League Producer(2013)


Justin Woods Romano

Head of Product Design & Web Designer/Developer


Account manager


Project manager


UI/UX Design


iOS Team Leader


iOS Developer


.NET Team leader


.NET Developer


QA Engineer