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Professional Profile
Professional Profile
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Wadelene Nicola was born and partially raised in the Caribbean. She moved to Broward County Florida during her teenage years where she attended Broward College and earned her bachelor’s degree in Applied Science Supervision and Management. She is a recent graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a Master’s in Business – International Business and Marketing. She also graduated from the Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a degree in Broadcasting.

Ms. Carole, as she prefers to be called, managed and produced her own Radio and TV shows (emanating from Broward County) for over three years. Now, she is the writer and the executive producer of the new TV Show entitled “Obama Nation”.

Her radio, TV shows and films have made her a household name in the South Florida area. She is always available for advice and her faithful followers can never have enough of her. Ms. Carole would go above and beyond in order to response favorably to her supporters and fans. ​

Her philosophy can best be summed up with the following: “Don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today.” If you can dream it, she can script it and put it on the big screen.

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