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Professional Profile
Professional Profile
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Music Producer and Audio Engineer

Music as I can remember from the age of 3 years old, has always been a very important part of my life. As an artist, I am always in search of an escape or a place of eternal comfort where I can be as free as the wind. When I am composing music, I’ll sit back in my studio chair, close my eyes, and summon imagery or a moment in time that I can creatively morph into. Thus, making that experience a very most impressionistic one to be felt kinesthetically through the arrangement of major and minor chord progression; major chords for a much brighter effect or minor chords which are usually a much darker and mystical vibe conveyed to the audience.

My approach to the rhythm accompaniment within the composition is to present a natural and uplifting feel that can sway anybody to connecting with me. I hear my fans saying to themselves,”JONva’s music, makes me feel his music to the depth of my soul”. I know then, I’m connecting with fans, giving them a very nostalgic moment that they just can’t get enough of. When my fans are digging the music, I know I’m being authentic with a bit of surrealism. In the studio I have a simple goal, “it’s get the music right and make it tight”.

Working on music always reminds me of the audience’s needs as a consumer, and what they’re expecting to hear; nothing more than my music that can make them lose themselves for a moment in time. I find that it’s not necessary to choose sounds, patterns in creating music or being locked down to rules. I want my fans to say, he’s totally a universal ambassador with an international language known as music that speaks to everyone around the world with a simple melody for all to enjoy.

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