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Professional Profile
Professional Profile
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Top Hollywood Movie & TV Casting Director

Amongst being Founder, and President of Ellen Jacoby Casting International, Jacoby finds time to lecture; teach and coach acting courses; devote her time to various local charities including Cystic Fibrosis and the YMCA; has worked with the local Police to provide alternative lifestyle programs for youth with rap sheets; and often donates her time to give lectures to various schools throughout the state. She was part of the initial local consortium to recognize how important the Caribbean, and the Bahamas were to the local Florida production business, and subsequently has worked with the Bahamian government on numerous productions, that brought work to Florida residents and companies.

Having worked with a who’s who of Hollywood directors, including: Steven Soderbergh, Joel Schumacher, Sidney Pollack, The Farrelly Bros., Bob Zemekis, Ron Howard, Mike Nicols, Michael Bay, Randa Haines, Tom Shadyac, Martin Scorsese, Tim Burton, Garry Marshall, John Landis, James Cameron, Joe Roth, Mira Nair and Tony Scott, Ellen Jacoby is one name that Hollywood keeps at the tip of its tongues, and at the top of its address book.

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