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Professional Profile
Professional Profile
Dream Mentor

Dr. Sarafina Thomas

Entrepreneur, Influencer, & Certified Therapist

Sarafina Thomas is a single mother of 4 amazing babies, a media mogul, influencer, coach, certified therapist, and founder of the Prayer Vault. She is also the CEO of BossoneBlueprint, iCoach Bosses and K&H Counseling Firm.

Her life is quite the journey. Growing up in a Christian home allowed her the opportunity to know the Lord at an early age, as well as enter ministry. Carrying the values given to her in my heart is what brought her to where she is today. Passing through life Sarafina experienced major turbulence beginning with a major breakup with someone she held dear. During this time, she began to come to herself and pray live on Facebook. She didn’t know at the time doing that would become something major what we now know as THE PRAYER VAULT. The Prayer Vault specializes in teaching on the foundation of prayer yielding effective results. Prayer Vault also focuses on bringing people to the place of wholeness in mind, body, and soul. Birthing this conference stretched her to capacity. She knows what it means to struggle. Sarafina had negative $26 dollars in her account with a double-digit budget but she had faith. As she pursued by faith, people began to gather from across the world. They connected with the warrior in her, the fighter, and teacher because when she wins, they win! Through the establishment of this conference, she was able to produce shirts, CDs, books, sneakers, and even be featured on magazines. So many people’s lives have been changed.

Sarafina’s mission is to aid in bringing people to destiny, to help pivot their lives from poverty to prosperity. She wants to see people live an abundant life of health, wealth, and peace. It is her mission to see families restored. She wants to build educational, rehabilitation and domestic violence centers in addition to her K&H counseling firm that will help people experience true freedom, bridging the gap and removing the stigma that you must be a certain color race or creed to be and live your best life.

Her story is unique because she came from the slums of life. All she ever knew was at the mercy of someone else but by God’s grace she has accomplished so many things. Sarafina is a living a living testimony and miracle that you can live and outlive the systems created to keep you stuck.

Life is full of testing. I have fell, she has messed up, she has mishandled many things, and even people but as she began to help people, she began to see her purpose! Sarafina wants millions of souls to know there is purpose in your pain! If you just keep getting up and keep pursuing.

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